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the eye

Design is more than meets the eye…

What’s universal is that life is different now. Like any other pocket of existence, that difference has been felt in the world of art and design. In this world, the eye has always symbolised insight, wisdom, protective oversight (surveillance?), and enlightenment. For Lookbook’s inaugural journal, we asked incredible makers, designers and artists from around the country and around the world who have tapped into that symbolism to talk to us about it, and about the year they’ve had. Their answers do what their work often does — show the world its reflection — except this time we made them write it down. 

– Team Lookbook


Introducing 'the eye'

We hope to offer – through the editor’s eye – a fresh, fun and inspiring way to look at the world we inhabit

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Eye to eye

Meet our network of collaborators and creatives, a.k.a. ‘eyes on the ground’, who contributed to Journal 00

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editor's eye

Design is more than meets the eye

Five creatives meet five pieces of South African design on a blind date. They go home together and a love story with design unfolds, documented in five individual lookbooks

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All eyes

In the world of art and design, the eye has long symbolised insight, wisdom, protective oversight and enlightenment. Modupe Oloruntoba interviewed makers, designers and artists from around the country, continent and globe who have tapped into the symbolism of the eye

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point of view

Look and you will see

For architectural designer Khensani de Klerk, who is currently completing a post-grad in Architecture and Urban Design at Cambridge, seeing begins with a vantage point

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Only have eyes for you

From local makers to popular retailers, we’ve rounded up a selection of eye-catching ceramics for your table, all inspired by or interpreted around the eye

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See inside

Step inside LOOKBOOK’s creative content studio space, filled with local décor and design brands

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The eye of the beholder

Zanele Kumalo takes us on a visit to the Norval Foundation and muses on the idea of the gaze – that of the artist, the subject, and the viewer

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visual diary

Through my eyes

Joburg-based artist Lulama Wolf creates a collage that gives us a glimpse into her artistic process and the genesis of a new piece

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The way i see it​

Consultant, curator and interior designer Anette de Jager, founder of interior architecture and renovation studio Three Sixty Design, welcomes us inside her Cape Town apartment

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The Eye Collection

Say hello to our first LOOKBOOK capsule collection, complementing Journal 00, this playful arrangement of local tableware and decor is informed by the editor’s eye and handpicked just for you

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