Through The Looking Glass

Bringing Bloom to concept store AKJP Studio‘s window, but not before taking a look back at some of the store’s previous creative displays

Images AKJP Studio

AKJP Studio, a concept store stocking in-house label AKJP, as well as over 30 South African designers, features collections ranging from fashion and accessories to homeware. Every month the store features a new window installation with an accompanying event to introduce the new designer, product or collection featured. All windows are a collaborative effort between owner Keith Henning and CEO Claudia Leigh Selzer, as well as the featured designer.

In celebration of spring, the House and Leisure team jumped at the opportunity to design AKJP’s October window, inspired by the latest Vol. 2 : Bloom‘s cover. With a paired back display, the window exudes the optimism and joy that a new season brings, while spotlighting Lucie De Moyencourt’s hand-painted Shellegance vase, filled with paper flowers for an ongoing touch of bloom.

House and Leisure – Launched in October 2021, the window was designed by House and Leisure Editor-in-Chief, Charl Francois Edwards, and Style Editor, Storm Ross, as an extension of the publication’s spring issue, Vol. 2 : Bloom.

*Apartment – Launched in September 2021, the window was designed by *Apartment founder, Leigh-Ann Drakes to launch the JHB-based brand’s 7th fragrance, Hydrogen is my favourite element.

Lemon Studio – Launched in April 2021 to showcase the Vondel collection – a side table with complementary Lemon wallpaper.

Pichulik – Launched in October 2020 for the release of the handcrafted jewellery brand’s spring summer collection, Nascent.

Jade Paton – Launched in October 2019 to introduce the Cape Town ceramicist’s first handmade collection. 

Project Dyad – Launched in March 2019 to celebrate the leather brand’s new Dot Bag.

Keith Henning – Launched in February 2019, this window showcased the Dick Lamp, a Bad Paper Edition.

Githan Coopoo – Launched in August 2018 to introduce Githan’s handmade jewellery and accessories range, the Commerce and Byzantine Collection.

The Carnation– Launched in July 2018 to showcase Volume 2 The Senegal Issue. The Carnation is a zine that pairs flowers with art and travel, created by Cynthia Fan and Jade Paton.

Thalia Strates – Launched in June 2018, the window was designed to spotlight the leather brand’s Shearling Collection.

Ben Orkin – Launched in April 2018, the window was a debut for the Cape Town artist and the launch of his first collection Nebnikro.  

The Carnation – Launched in February 2018 to introduce Volume 1 The Japan Issue. The Carnation is a zine that pairs flowers with art and travel, created by Cynthia Fan and Jade Paton.

Find AKJP Studio at 73 Kloof Street, Gardens or follow them on Instagram.