Lookbook x Kelly Fung

Kelly puts herself on a pedestal…

To explore LOOKBOOK’s theme – ‘design is more than meets the eye’ – we matched fashion and beauty editor/stylist/creative director Kelly Fung with a liquorice ottoman from homeware and accessories brand Mia Mélange. We asked Kelly to document her experience of living with the ottoman in a series of images we turned into a lookbook.

My first impression, or really my impression at every point of the “blind date”, was one of surprise, delight, and constant curiosity. Before unwrapping the piece, it felt enormous in my arms. Solid. On revealing the ottoman, I was surprised to see that the bulbous shape was actually soft, with its round edges and squidgy texture.

I love how it represents a contradiction of many things: it’s sturdy yet soft; both round and angled; monochromatic but textured.

Living with it has been about companionship: The ottoman has moved around the house with me as I need it. It’s proven to be pretty versatile and I haven’t found a permanent place for it yet. It goes everywhere and with everything, yet it’s always the standout in a room.

It complements my style because it’s a meeting of opposites. I prefer to look at things in shapes and proportion rather than through the usual visual cues.

For my lookbook, I wanted to explore the idea of pedestals as the ottoman reminded me of one. I thought about who or what I personally put on a pedestal? After a long and dreary year, what am I looking forward to in the New Year? Who will be sparking change and what has been redefined for me? The collages are a mash-up of these ideas, people, words and objects, all underpinned by the pedestal, which serves not as the hero of the images, but as the foundation.

To me, “design is more than meets the eye” is the simplification and unification of ideas. The user will (mostly) never know how much thought and consideration has gone into the end result, because good design just fits seamlessly in to your life. At the same time, design is more than the final product. It should evoke and emotion, surprise and delight every time you see it, and assume its place confidently so you can’t imagine living without it.

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