visual diary

Through my eyes

We asked Johannesburg-based artist Lulama Wolf to create a collage that gives us a glimpse into her artistic process and the genesis of a new piece

The artistic process has long-been a mysterious and fascinating alchemy of vision, creativity and intuition. We asked Joburg-based artist Lulama Wolf to take us behind the scenes of the creation of one of her new artworks. With this ‘visual diary’ – a collage of image, paint and text – she lets us in on her process, thinking and maker’s journey.

Of her use of the eye as a symbol on her artwork, she says “At first I started using the eye to allude to what the third eye represents. Over time it morphed into a way to depict intuition. I think it will be something that will change meaning over time.” She continues, “Many see the eye in art-related or tangible objects as a matter of proof of the unknown,” – the invisible made visible through sight – “but I use it to highlight what is already there.”

See above and below for all the visual clues and cut-outs with accompanying captions that add layers to her work and style.


Hlomphang batho ba ba holo

( Sesotho and Tswana : a reference to respecting our elders )

Mahlo a Yetsa motho a e shebe,
ebe ae kgalemela

( “Eyes make a person look at themself and hold themselves accountable” )

Llama Wolf Landscape Collage

A Ke bone Mafatse ka mahlo aka, Ke a bona ka mahlo a modimo

( “I don’t see a world through my eyes, I see them through God’s eyes” )

Ditoro tsa rona
Ke tsona

( “Our dreams are the one” )

Lulama created this mixed-media collage before putting oil to canvas on the final piece. Watch this space as we share the final artwork, once completed, in order to fully understand the artist’s narrative and visual journey. 

For more of Lulama’s work, visit her instagram feed.

*The word ‘camagu’ appears in many Southern African languages, including isiXhosa. Associated with one’s ancestors, it is often said in agreement, much like ‘amen’, and means ‘be honoured’, ‘thank you’, ‘let it be so’, ‘i have heard’, ‘i promise’ and ‘at peace’.


Lulama ‘Wolf’ Mlambo is a visual artist who has faultlessly mastered capturing a mood, whether it’s in an effortless ensemble or the stroke of her paintbrush. Her ability to document and share her life and work has meant that her followers have an intimate window into her world and artistic process.  Find her on Instagram @lulamawolf and her work on @wolflulama.