Way Down in Kokomo

Pichulik’s spring/summer 2022 Kokomo collection evokes the nostalgic bliss of a beachside summer

Kokomo promises the feeling of the best summer, no plans, simple sensuality and the true luxury of human connection.

Photography Michael Oliver Love  Faces Andrea Goodman and Dai from Ice Models

Much like the Beach Boys’ catchy 1980s hit about the fictional beachside paradise of Kokomo, the latest collection from Pichulik promises a summer of simple joy, physical freedom and the true luxury of human connection. Throw off the weight of the last two years and delight in the pleasures of everything this bold, bright collection evokes.

‘That dreamy look in your eye, gives me a tropical contact high…’

‘Tipsy sea breeze evenings of barefooted dancing to songs you all remember…’

The Kokomo collection is both playful and sophisticated with a juicy colour palette of lush verdant greens and striking island blues, combined with hunter green and rust orange.

Take the interconnecting Amie bracelets and necklaces and join them to form varying lengths and idiosyncratic colour combinations, then layer them in unique ways.

Create a nostalgic effect with the distinctive, 70s-style pendant that contrasts maroon with aqua blue. Stand out in the La Playa hoops with their sculptural brass silhouette edged in signature Pichulik rope, in a plethora of delicious colours.

Transition from beachfront lunches to poolside parties with the Arcana chain necklace and Milagro hoops. Manifest cocktails and moonlit nights in the striking Laetitia choker.

It’s time to play, mix and match colours and styles, create a vision that’s uniquely yours with Pichulik’s Kokomo collection.

Photography Michael Oliver Love  Faces Andrea Goodman and Dai from Ice Models Hair & Makeup Amori Birch  Womenswear Merwe Mode

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