Ocean Pop

Jan Ernst’s Ocean Pop collection is a celebration of mythical marine life

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Sea sponges, kelp, corals, octopuses and newly discovered ocean floor inhabitants feature in Jan Ernst’s latest ceramics collection, Ocean Pop.

When Merchants on Long fashion buyer, Sumendra Chetty, commissioned Jan to create his Octopus range for the opening of the store’s concept space at the V&A Waterfront, they both soon realised it was just the beginning of something bigger…

“The first body of work focused on the particularities and nuances of the octopus, and translating that into collectible design items,” says Jan. “This captured people’s attention and sparked their imagination, then the success of the Netflix documentary, My Octopus Teacher, made this incredible animal the talking point and reference for ongoing work. It only made sense to extend the range, and the inspiration for Ocean Pop was endless.”

Staying true to the essence of these fantastical sea creatures, the collection is bold, bright and playful – perfect for spring time and guaranteed to provoke pure delight and joy.

Jan says, “This collaboration with Merchants on Long happened very organically. Sumendra and I just get each other. The brief was clear but I had a lot of room for interpretation and creative freedom.”

The Ocean Pop collection will launch mid-spring with an exhibition at the original Merchants on Long store.