Ting Ting

Introducing the Ting Ting table — the latest brainchild of Lemon and Master Studio

Photography Inge Prins Styling Sanri Pienaar

Cape Town-based design studio, Lemon, founded by Kevin Frankental and Master Studio founder Yaniv Chen collaborated on this, their fourth working project. The Ting Ting table reflects both Lemon and Master Studios design ethos in its smart construction, warmth and accessibility. This small, but conveniently designed side table proves most effective in creating flow and efficiency in a space.

Yaniv explains that the design inspiration was largely personal, and for many people, relatable:

‘I find that moving around the day boosts my concentration and stops my mind wandering – and I wanted something that I could use when working from the sofa or armchair. Essentially a longwinded way of saying I wanted a side table I could work at without feeling lazy. A workstation for the ADD comfort seeker”.

Not cold or clinical like many tables designed for work, the Ting Ting uses oak and walnut, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort which is essential, especially now that we work from home more.

Ting Ting is designed to pack flat, making is easier and more compact to ship (which also reduces carbon emissions). Because it’s made from solid wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests and FSC certified, the Ting Ting is also designed to last.

On process, Yaniv explains that their working relationship is one of trust, respect, transparency and critique. ‘We often send through references, sketches and ideas daily that don’t necessarily require collaboration but rather a second opinion… These projects are imperative to how we see the future of work, social gatherings and societal movements as a whole.’

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