Crafting Spaces with Substance and Soul

This range by Weylandts sits perfectly in its surroundings to make time spent in and outdoors,
and the spaces in between, that much easier.

Client Weylandts   Photography Anke Loots   Styling Storm Ross   Creative LOOKBOOK Studio

This catalogue, created by LOOKBOOK Studio for Weylandts, recreates those moments that offer the freedom to sit in silence, or the comfort
to soak in your setting, that make possible the simple pleasure of basking in the sun, or around a table with loved ones.

Gathering over a drink, or looking out in unison at a beautiful vista is where memories form. The textural but understated Horn Stool (above) is designed to bring people together casually, with a subtle but meticulously crafted design that lines up sleekly at any bar or kitchen counter.

Collecting around a table is a ritual as old as time. Breaking bread and sharing conversation is where stories unfold and connections deepen. The best spaces are those that create a sense of ease and community – such as the Pesca Dining Table (right).

Generous, oversized pieces big enough to lie on comfortably, or lounge on with friends and family, Weylandts outdoor furniture is crafted from durable timber with a focus on sociability. Varied in design and style, new configurations maximise versatility, making them as easy to arrange as they are to unwind on, and allowing pieces to merge seamlessly with multiple settings. The new Tulum Daybed (left) balances strength and simplicity in dense solid teak, its luxury comes by way of comfort and conduciveness to combining with multiple accessories and soft furnishings.

 Available directly from Weylandts