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Curated by our editors, the looks showcase current decor trends and highlight where to find the products, to get the look easily in your own home

Earthy clay and stone in organic shapes and tonal colours bring nature’s palette indoors
Smooth or textured, coloured or sparkling, glass brings old-world glamour and modern shapes to the fore

The tactile quality of wood is a grounding element in any space, whether it’s in a leading role or a supporting act

Metallic accents add drama to any room. Use them to anchor a space, or to inject a striking shimmer and shine

Natural fibres wrap your interior in warmth and introduce softness and sensuality, creating a comforting haven
Bright colours and modern style make a memorable first impression
Bold silhouettes and geometric forms anchor modern African style to make you feel right at home
Tactile materials and natural textures add interest to every aspect of your space
Romantic hues and soft fabrics make for a peaceful haven where you can relax and reset
Pretty pastel shades turn a daily routine into an indulgent ritual that sets the tone for the day

Sandy ochres and soft pinks offer a calm beginning to any sunny day

Rich ochres and earthy tones make for the perfect balmy summer table setting

Striking teals and warm terracottas combine to create an Art Deco feet fit for any poolside splash

Natural textures and gentle hues make for a peaceful retreat at the end of the day

We’ve curated an ensemble of gifting ideas to inspire you to celebrate summer

For a drinks service that offers casual sophistication, combine handmade elements and earthy notes

For a dining area that nourishes and comforts, draw on natural shades and organic materials

For a bathroom that calms and cleanses, pair glossy greens with woven naturals

For a lounge that grants a sweet repose, apply a colourful palette and warm finishes

For a bedroom that brings a slice of peace, balance cheerful patterns with sumptuous textures

Use key pieces in the bathroom to create the ultimate retreat for winter

A modern facade with sleek lines is set against an open field, calling for playful pieces with a punch of personality

Serene and sophisticated, this remote ‘island’ evokes a minimalist mood, seeking a tranquil touch

Organic shapes and autumnal hues reflect the leafy and woody surrounds of this snug cabin

Engulfed in overgrown bushes and wild flowers, this greenhouse embraces comfort and a cozy country style

The simplicity of this isolated refuge is embodied in the utilitarian nature of these design pieces

If the seat is right, it doesn’t take long to settle in. Get comfortable with these striking designer pieces

The surface is the start of any well-designed space. Get it right, and the rest will come together smoothly

Choosing the right light – lamp, pendant or chandelier – makes all the difference when wanting to impress

A well-placed object makes for the perfect scene-setter. Go bold, and don’t be shy!

Combine earthy shades and textures with contrasting pops of colour to lend a modern feel to an otherwise rustic setting

Bring the indoors out with a luxury recliner or day bed, with lightweight throws and softs – then get ready to relax

Create the perfect sanctuary in which to recharge, using mood lighting, a muted palette and indulgent accessories

Set the scene for summer stillness with nature-inspired textures and hues, organic fabrics and a hint of green

Set the scene with pattern and print: introduce eye-catching fabrics that will make your guests take note

Set the scene with a melange of veneers: balance contemporary and classic with a mix of fanciful finishes

Set the scene with chromatic experimentation: try new paint techniques or striking colour combinations
Set the scene with an eclectic mix of past and present: give old-school wallpaper a chance to shine!
Set the scene with statement tiling: let modern line and foliage-inspired hues take centre stage

A Fine Place To Feast

Make each meal a lustrous event with a provincial palette that will elevate your entertaining

Rest and cocoon in a relaxed nook surrounded by comforting hues – a nod to a warmer time

A Soothing Sanctuary

Set the scene for tranquility by surrounding yourself with cool tones, opulent accessories and designer details

Make the most of the winter sunshine by creating an outdoor refuge in which to rest and retreat

Get Organising

Declutter your home with sculptural yet smart storage solutions for every room

Go And Play

Enhance a youthful space with the addition of cute accessories and a warm colour palette

Head Back To Work

Mix structured shapes with curvy add-ons for a look that is sophisticated yet fun

Take It Outside

Create a stylish outdoor sitting area by pairing natural textures with uplifting brights

Outdoor Camping

Unwind for a lazy picnic surrounded by chic accessories

Outdoor Dining

Gather round for an al fresco feast amongst dreamy decor

Outdoor Lounging

Get comfy at the poolside with relaxed summer seating

Outdoor Bathing

Unwind in nature between cool surfaces and warm textures

Bloom Collection

Our exclusive Bloom collection, in collaboration with eco conscious online retailer, Plain Tiger, is inspired by ‘Bloom’, our spring issue

Bold & Beautiful

Bright colours, varied textures and vibrant prints provide a more-is-more aesthetic for the living room

Natural & Neutral

A sleek, modernist approach is perfected with muted tones, clean lines and smooth finished for a casual dining space

Classic & Cool

Set the scene for irresistible romance in the bedroom with luxurious linens, floaty florals and soft-to-the-touch fabrics

Pastel & Playful

Candy-coloured tones combined with decorative pieces create a light-hearted mood in the bathroom


Get the lunar look in your living space with geometric shapes, metallic surfaces and galactic hues


Earthy textures, terracotta tones and natural stone define the nomadic aesthetic


Raw finishes combined with a muted palette and subtle accents of aqua inform the rustic mood


Leafy prints, nature-inspired hues and organic shapes bring a soothing tropical feel to your space